20 Things You’ll Miss When You’re Young

20 Things You’ll Miss When You’re Young

The way you look is something that will define your personality to the world. In case you don’t look good, people will only see the flaws in your personality. The more beautiful you are the more successful you will be.

1. Making new friends

You can’t imagine how hard it is when you don’t know anybody. But once you make a new friend it becomes easy for you to make new friends.

2. Not being self-conscious

There were a time when you thought you’ll look good but in reality you don’t look good at all. There was no reason to be shy anymore because you know that people are looking at you.

3. Running around

You can run around anywhere you want. It is like an adventure and you’re having fun.

4. Being invisible

You have a good number of friends and you’re part of the gang. You don’t want to be seen by anyone, so you hide yourself.

5. Sleeping late

You just don’t care about the time and you sleep late. As you start your day, you realize it is 9 am and you wake up late.

6. No alarm

There was a time when you used to wake up early in the morning and you used to listen to the alarm clock.

7. Shaving

Shaving and makeup isn’t a problem at all because you don’t have to do it regularly.

8. Getting ready in five minutes

You used to take two hours for getting ready but today you can do it in five minutes.

9. Putting on nail polish

You can put on your nail polish easily and you can choose any color that you like.

10. Hitting people

You used to punch other people but today you are afraid to hit anyone.

11. Dancing

You used to dance but today you don’t do that.

12. Playing on the floor

You used to play on the floor and now you don’t have that kind of games.

13. Lying

You used to lie and now you won’t.

14. Eating with hands

You used to eat food with your hands and now you use your napkin.

15. Not having to think about your diet

You used to care about the food you eat but today you don’t have to care about your diet.

16. Being skinny

You used to be skinny and people used to comment on you.

17. Doing anything for the first time

You used to learn how to do things but today you know everything.

18. Being careless

There was a time when you were careless and careless things happened but now you are very careful.

19. Cutting hair

You used to cut your hair but now it is too long.

20. Looking like you care

You used to show your care by smiling but nowadays you don’t care at all

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