5 Important Features to Check Before Buying A PC

What PC Insurance Does Your PC Have?

The PC is one of the best tools used in our daily lives and one of the basic requirements of any family or home. Without a PC, we cannot use Internet, watch movies, play games or use many other features of a computer. In order to make the PC safe, we need to ensure that it is protected by a PC insurance, as it will protect the entire device and save our data, so that we can use our PC anytime.

The term ‘PC insurance’ refers to the protection of computers, laptops, tablets, phones and any other electronic gadgets. PC insurance is a term used to protect your computer. You can find PC insurance plans that are designed specifically for the PC users. These plans offer different coverage options, including the replacement of the entire machine, the replacement of its parts, accidental damages, theft and fire.

These coverages are suitable for any type of PC, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The best part is that PC insurance is available for free. You can buy your insurance plan online and pay directly.

Nowadays, there are several plans that are available online. Each company has different coverages and they vary in price.

Replacement of the whole machine:

This option is suitable for users who own expensive machines and want to replace them within a limited period of time. In case your machine gets damaged or destroyed due to a natural disaster, fire or theft, you can buy the replacement of your entire machine with a limited amount of money.

The policy will cover the repair or replacement of the entire machine and its parts. This option is ideal for those users who prefer a new machine rather than spending the money on the purchase of a second-hand or refurbished machine.

You can also choose to add accessories and peripherals such as printer, mouse, keyboard, webcam, etc. for an additional fee.

Replacement of its parts:

This option is suitable for users who want to replace the parts of their broken machines and want to save the money. With this policy, you will have to pay the replacement amount for each part that is damaged. The amount is calculated based on the value of the individual parts.

This option is useful for those users who want to replace only one part. It will cover only the damaged parts and not the entire machine. This plan is not suitable for those users who have a broken machine and want to buy the whole thing.

Accidental damage:

This option is suitable for the users who want to recover the money that they have spent on purchasing the damaged part of the machine.

The PC insurance policy will cover the accidental damage of the PC. As per the policy, you can receive compensation for the lost data and the money that you have spent on replacing the parts.

Theft and fire:

It is the best option for those users who want to protect their investment. As the policy covers the whole machine, it is ideal for those users who do not want to spend more money on buying a new machine.

Extended PC insurance

On the other hand, an extended PC insurance policy provides additional protection. It covers the loss of the hardware components like memory and hard disks. It also covers the loss of files stored in your PC. So, if you have an important file that is saved in the external storage device, then you should consider buying an extended PC insurance policy.

The main difference between the basic and extended policies is the cost. Most of the extended policies are much more expensive than the basic PC insurance.


I have already discussed about the basic and extended policies. Now let me tell you one thing that the most suitable policy for you is the one that suits you the most. So, you need to find out whether you have to pay for the software or the hardware.

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