Final Udyr information: Greatest League of Legends runes, builds, extra


Udyr’s long-awaited rework is lastly right here! We’ve bought the last word Udyr information along with his greatest runes, builds, and a few suggestions and methods that can assist you grasp the spirits and take dwelling the W.

Whereas his equipment could seem pretty just like what it was earlier than, there’s much more to this new and improved Udyr than meets the attention. Earlier than his rework, Udyr was certainly one of League of Legends’ oldest champions, so each his gameplay and his look have been extraordinarily dated.

Udyr continues to be an in depth vary, auto-attack centered bruiser with 4 primary skills relatively than an final. Nonetheless, each means has been enhanced and has an entire new layer of depth that may aid you get an edge over the competitors.


Who’s Udyr?

Udyr is a Spirit Walker, somebody who can talk with spirits. Nonetheless, in contrast to different Spirit Walkers who’re hooked up to at least one spirit, Udyr hears all of them. His means to channel the strongest spirits within the Freljord offers him his elemental powers.

These elemental powers come via within the type of 4 spirits, all of which make Udyr an extremely tanky nuisance and powerful frontliner for any crew composition. Right here’s the right way to benefit from Udyr’s strengths with one of the best construct, runes, and a few suggestions and methods on the right way to get the a lot of the Spirit Walker.

Udyr skills & gameplay

Make no mistake: Udyr’s playstyle is similar to what it was. He doesn’t have any vary, nor does he have a giant teamfight final. However what he does have is a ton of motion pace, nice camp clear, and the power to tank a ridiculous quantity of injury.

Udyr could seem easy on the floor, however the Spirit Walker has much more happening than meets the attention. Understanding which skills to max through which state of affairs, what to construct, and when to benefit from his new Woke up Spirit passive means there are lots of selections for the participant to make.

Udyr is exclusive in that he doesn’t have an final. And, in contrast to stance switchers the likes of Elise and Jayce, Udyr will get 4 totally different stances relatively than one stance swap tied to his final. This offers him the power to place 6 factors into the skills of his selection as a substitute of the conventional 5 with the caveat that there’s no strategy to max each means on Udyr.

Proper now, it’s greatest to place a degree in Q at stage 1 after which not contact it for the remainder of the sport. Udyr’s at his greatest as an AP tank. Q is generally for camp clearing early and single goal injury in sure conditions.

One of the best means to max first is R, which supplies Udyr an AoE storm that slows, one that may monitor down enemies with a passive recast.

Udyr's Phoenix abilityRiot Video games

Udyr’s Wingborne Storm Awaken Recast in motion

After that, maxing Udyr’s W is often the best way to go. The bonus shielding and therapeutic, in addition to the huge heal offered by recasting W, will assist maintain you alive in hectic conditions.

His E is often third, however placing a couple of further factors into E can actually assist for those who want the additional movespeed.

Ensure you’re swapping stances when doable, as the primary two assaults from every stance won’t solely achieve assault pace from Udyr’s passive, however will even cut back the cooldown of Awaken.

For a brief abstract on when to recast skills with Awaken, you need to be recasting R for those who’re within the struggle, E for those who’re struggling to get into the struggle (it offers CC immunity which is very helpful), W for those who’re dying within the struggle, and Q whenever you’re clearing camps early on or hitting single targets.

Right here’s a full record of Udyr’s skills:

  • Passive: Bridge Between:
    • Woke up Spirit ⁠— Udyr has no final means and as a substitute has 4 primary skills. Every means grants a Stance that empowers his subsequent two primary assaults and grants an extra impact. Switching Stances will exchange the empowered assaults from the earlier Stance, and incurs a 1.5-second international cooldown on his different skills. Periodically, after Udyr enters a Stance, he can recast the power after 0.25 seconds to enter an Woke up Stance, refreshing the cooldown and the Stance with bonus results.
    • Monk Coaching ⁠— After casting a capability, Udyr empowers his subsequent two primary assaults inside 4 seconds to realize 30% bonus assault pace and refund 5% of Awaken’s whole cooldown.
  • Q: Wilding Claw
    • Preliminary Solid — Udyr enters Claw Stance, empowering his subsequent two primary assaults to maul the goal, dealing bonus bodily injury.
    • Awaken Recast⁠ — Udyr positive aspects bonus assault pace and causes the empowered assaults to strike with lightning 6 instances, chaining to as much as 3 seen enemies, and having the ability to hit the identical goal a number of instances.
  • W: Iron Mantle
    • Preliminary Solid — Udyr enters Mantle Stance, empowering his subsequent two primary assaults to realize 15% life steal and heal him. Moreover, Udyr positive aspects a defend for 4 seconds.
    • Awaken Recast — Udyr will increase the defend’s power, stacking with the remaining defend from the primary forged, and heals each 0.25 seconds over the subsequent 4 seconds, in addition to causes the empowered assaults to as a substitute achieve 30% life steal and grant doubled therapeutic.
  • E: Blazing Stampede
    • Preliminary Solid — Udyr enters Stampede Stance, empowering his primary assaults to have an uncancellable windup and pounce on the goal to stun them for 0.75 seconds. This can not have an effect on the identical goal greater than as soon as each few seconds. Moreover, Udyr turns into ghosted and positive aspects bonus motion pace for 4 seconds, which decays to 30% effectiveness over 1.5 seconds.
    • Awaken Recast — Udyr positive aspects an extra bonus motion pace and immunity to crowd management for 1.5 seconds.
  • R: Wingborne Storm
    • Preliminary Solid Udyr enters Storm Stance, empowering his subsequent two primary assaults to deal bonus magic injury to close by enemies. Moreover, Udyr summons a blizzard round himself for 4 seconds that offers magic injury each 0.5 seconds to close by enemies and slows them.
    • Awaken Recast Udyr ends the blizzard whether it is lively and unleashes a glacial storm for 4 seconds that is ready to transfer by itself. The storm follows the closest close by seen goal and applies the identical results however offers bonus magic injury equal to a small share of the goal’s most well being per tick and slows by an extra 10%.

Greatest construct for Udyr

Udyr’s all about absorbing injury, and there are variety of objects that may aid you try this. Tank itemization requires a unique thought course of than itemizing on injury champions. Reasonably than desirous about what makes you strongest, attempt to consider what makes the enemy weaker.

However first, let’s discuss entering into the struggle. In the event you’re actually struggling to get on high of the enemy crew, then choosing the proper Mythic is extremely vital.

Sunfire Aegis is your “injury” Mythic. The passive AoE injury on this merchandise synergizes extraordinarily nicely with Udyr’s auto assault centered playstyle, and the uncooked tank stats are actually nice to have.

In the event you’re having a very robust time getting on high of the enemy crew for no matter cause, Turbo Chemtank is the best way to go. It’s much less injury, positive, however you gained’t be doing any injury in any respect for those who aren’t in melee vary.

Udyr in-gameLeague of Legends | YouTube

Udyr is extremely tanky and has a stunning quantity of injury, however provided that he can get near his opponent

In the event you’re forward and wish extra injury, Demonic Embrace is a implausible choice as a hybrid injury/tank merchandise. An early Darkish Seal will also be nice for those who’re forward early as a cheap increase in AP injury.

Apart from that, attempt to consider what objects can cripple the enemy.

Thornmail is nice for Greivous Wounds in opposition to therapeutic, Frozen Coronary heart will assist in opposition to auto-attack centered targets, Power of Nature is a superb AP choice that gives nice motion pace; actively desirous about what your construct does for you’ll actually assist for those who’re struggling to remain alive as Udyr.

If one thing’s killing you or your teammates, construct to counter it.

Greatest objects on Udyr

  • Mythic: Sunfire Aegis/Turbo Chemtank
  • Boots: Plated Steelcaps (in opposition to AD), Mercury’s Treads (in opposition to AP and laborious CC), Boots of Swiftness (in opposition to heavy slows)
  • Demonic Embrace
  • Frozen Coronary heart
  • Thornmail
  • Power of Nature
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Darkish Seal/Mejai’s (if extraordinarily forward)
  • Lifeless Man’s Plate
  • Spirit Visage
  • Anathema’s Chains (in opposition to laborious carry champs like Grasp Yi)

Greatest runes for Udyr

Udyr’s rune choices require an analogous thought course of to that of his Mythic objects. A web page constructed round Conqueror works extremely nicely for each injury and maintain. Udyr’s equipment can simply stack Conqueror, and it makes him a menace in prolonged fights.

Udyr Conqueror runesLeague of Legends

Pairing Conqueror with Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, and Final Stand is right in most situations. Resolve is a superb secondary choice, with Conditioning and Unflinching serving to Udyr keep CCed much less and alive longer.

Nonetheless, Part Rush can also be an incredible choice. Towards crew compositions constructed to peel Udyr or champions with heavy, constant slows like Ashe or Anivia, the sluggish resistance and movespeed from Part Rush are an absolute should.

Udyr Phase Rush runesLeague of Legends

Celerity, Waterwalking, and Nimbus Cloak all assist increase that target motion pace. Keep in mind that motion pace generally is a tank stat. Can’t die if nobody is ready to hit you.

Resolve secondary nonetheless works nicely right here for a similar causes because the Conqueror web page.

Greatest summoner spells for Udyr

Smite is a must have when jungling, however Flash isn’t at all times the apparent different selection.

Ghost appears to be the most suitable choice with how close-range Udyr is as a champion, however Flash is situationally higher. Towards champions who can simply zone you or wall you off like Taliyah or Anivia, take into account taking Flash. In any other case, Ghost is the best way to go.

It might be tough to get used to not having the security web of Flash to get you out of sticky conditions, however the payoff of working Ghost is nicely value getting out of your consolation zone with Flash.

Udyr skins in League of Legends

Udyr’s big selection of choices in fights could make the champion intimidating to select up. Nonetheless, as soon as mastered, Udyr’s versatility could make him one of many strongest tank junglers on the Rift.


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