How one can get Fallen Sunstar in Future 2


It’s aesthetic is unconventional, however the Fallen Sunstar Unique helmet—the brand new Warlock Unique armor piece in Future 2’s Season of Plunder—is designed to make an unconventional playstyle have a spot within the meta as properly.

With the Arc 3.0 rework now dwell, the power to create Ionic Traces has been moved into the brand new Electrostatic Thoughts Facet for the Warlock. With picked-up Ionic Traces already making the participant Amplified in addition to granting a small quantity of skill vitality, and Ionic Traces being simple to generate via Arc talents, Fallen Sunstar’s Unique results are all about doubling down on their impression.

Ionic Traces that you simply generate transfer quicker on their return again to you with Fallen Sunstar geared up, and when they’re collected, the quantity of skill vitality that they grant is now significantly elevated. The extra skill vitality positive factors permit for a extra constant loop along with your Arc talents which might be successfully required to generate further Ionic Traces. However the larger private vitality bonuses usually are not the one impact Fallen Sunstar has. The helmet additionally grants skill vitality to your close by allies when an Ionic Hint is picked up. This may be an extremely useful gizmo in ability-heavy fireteam compositions, the place the cooldown of a Titan barricade or a grenade might be the distinction.

How one can get the Fallen Sunstar helmet in Future 2

Screengrab through Bungie

Par for the course with earlier Future 2 seasons, Fallen Sunstar’s launch is weaved into the Unique loot pool of the Legend and Grasp Misplaced Sectors, which rotate each day. These higher-difficulty choices for the Misplaced Sectors littered across the Photo voltaic System include the likes of Champions and restricted respawns however yield unique rewards. Many Exotics, akin to Fallen Sunstar, are solely out there via finishing a Legend or Grasp Misplaced Sector whereas enjoying solo.

Whereas rewards usually are not assured on every run, runs ought to solely take a couple of minutes and you’ll all the time earn new Exotics earlier than any duplicates within the loot desk. Farming is environment friendly and inspired with the smaller pool of rewards in these Misplaced Sectors, however gamers ought to all the time verify to see what the present highlighted Misplaced Sector is with larger difficulties out there. It’s because just one kind of armor can be out there to earn every day, so it’s essential to verify forward of time what the present Legend and Grasp Misplaced Sector is providing because you’ll want it to be awarding helmets to accumulate Fallen Sunstar.


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