How you can Beat Roshan 1v1


Discover ways to beat Roshan 1v1 to assert the Aegis of the Immortal in Dota 2.

The 5v5 video games of Dota 2 could be a thrill for players. Tens of millions of individuals play Dota 2 to get higher with the heroes and take out their enemies in action-packed fight. From taking up waves of creeps on a lane to utilizing spells that deal devastating quantities of injury, there are many issues to do within the recreation. Among the many lengthy checklist of creeps that you could struggle, Roshan is the strongest. 

Roshan might be present in a pit within the river that connects the mid lane to the highest lane. The traditional impartial creep can carry out bodily assaults, block spells from enemy heroes, bash opponents together with his hits, and slam the bottom to stun close by enemies. 

Roshan – The Strongest Impartial  

How to Beat Roshan 1v1 - The strongest neutral in Dota 2

Roshan is the primary impartial creep to spawn within the recreation. He’s practically unbeatable through the early and mid recreation. Most heroes fail to struggle Roshan 1v1 because of the sheer stats and talents of the traditional impartial. 

You want to have the ability to tank a excessive quantity of bodily harm to kill Roshan. The traditional impartial creep has 6000 HP and 75 assault harm. It will get more durable to slay Roshan with every passing minute within the recreation. 

There are numerous limitations on the subject of attacking the traditional impartial creep. In contrast to most different places on the map, you can not see inside Roshan’s pit with out strolling into it. You can not plant Observer Wards and Sentry Wards contained in the pit. 

Nonetheless, you should use sure spells just like the Beastmaster’s Name of the Wild Hawk and Clockwerk’s Rocket Flare to scout for any enemies close to Roshan’s pit. You can even use Scan to detect any heroes which are round Roshan and are about to assault him. 

Roshan might be killed to acquire the Aegis of Immortal, an merchandise that grants its person the Reincarnation skill. He can respawn after about 10 minutes after he has been defeated by both the Dire or the Radiant. 

Heroes that may beat Roshan 1v1


How to Beat Roshan 1v1 - Ursa fights Roshan

Ursa is a melee hero who is thought for taking out Roshan together with his naked palms. The Agility hero has a particular set of abilities that may weaken Roshan with each hit. When you’re aiming to kill Roshan with Ursa, you’ll be able to max out Overpower. It can allow you to strike Roshan with 6 consecutive assaults that may deal exponential harm when Fury Swipes is activated. 

You’ll be able to achieve 10 assault harm per hit on Roshan utilizing Fury Swipes whereas enjoying Ursa in Dota 2. The assault harm added with every strike might be elevated to 37 after upgrading Fury Swipes to its highest degree. You’ll be able to enhance the variety of assaults that stack with Overpower and the harm added to Fury Swipes by unlocking his talents within the Expertise Tree. 

Enrage, the final word skill of Ursa, reduces incoming harm from Roshan by 80%. It additionally supplies 50% Standing Resistance for five seconds. You should use Enrage and Overpower as many instances as you’ll be able to to destroy Roshan in his pit. 

Vanguard is an merchandise it’s essential to equip Ursa with earlier than going through Roshan within the recreation. It absorbs a portion of the harm dealt by Roshan through the struggle. You can even buy Morbid Masks to realize Lifesteal from every hit. Ursa can use Overpower with Morbid Masks to replenish his well being rapidly, rising your probabilities of defeating the traditional impartial with out dying within the course of. 

Many Dota 2 gamers who select Ursa head in direction of Roshan by the point they attain degree 10. The Agility hero is likely one of the greatest picks to defeat Roshan in 1v1 fight. 


Anti-Mage is an excellent carry hero able to bringing Roshan to his knees. The melee hero good points 2.8 Agility for every degree that he advances. You’ll have to farm core objects for Anti-Mage earlier than approaching Roshan. 

Growing the assault velocity of Anti-Mage is a key factor that may enable you to win over Roshan. You should buy Energy Threads and Manta Fashion to extend his Agility stats early within the recreation. Manta Fashion will add 26 Agility and 12 assault velocity to Anti-Mage. He may create illusions of himself that deal 33% of his assault harm to Roshan for 20 seconds. These illusions can take amplified harm from Roshan through the struggle. 

Getting an Abyssal Blade lets Anti-Mage stun Roshan together with his bodily assaults. Abyssal Blade offers 25 assault harm and supplies 250 well being to Anti-Mage. It additionally grants the melee hero a 25% likelihood to bash Roshan for 120 bonus bodily harm. 

When you’ve got a Butterfly in your stock, you gained’t have to fret about coping with Roshan. The struggle in opposition to Roshan might be decreased by a number of minutes after shopping for a Butterfly for Anti-Mage. Butterfly will present 35 Agility, 30 assault velocity, and 25 assault harm. It additionally offers a 35% likelihood to evade incoming assaults from Roshan. 


Sven could be a threatening pressure in Dota 2. The Energy hero has a base assault harm of 63 – 65 and a base motion velocity of 325. The sturdy stats of Sven make him a worthy adversary for Roshan. Sven can stun Roshan with Storm Hammer and use Warcry to realize 15 bonus armor.  

God’s Energy, the final word skill of Sven, supplies a large 200% enhance to his assault harm. You should buy a Daedalus to additional increase his damage-dealing skill. Daedalus affords 88 assault harm and provides Sven a 30% likelihood to deal 225% vital harm on his bodily assaults. 

You should buy an Echo Sabre to drastically enhance the assault velocity of Sven. The Echo Strike skill might be particularly helpful for melee heroes because it lets Sven strike twice in fast succession. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds. 

When you discover it a problem to beat Roshan with Sven, you should purchase and equip Satanic for Sven. Satanic supplies 38 assault harm, 25 Energy, and 25% Lifesteal from his bodily assaults. You’ll be able to activate Unholy Rage at any time to supply a 150% bonus Lifesteal to Sven for six seconds. This stuff could make it simpler to pulverize Roshan within the pit to assert the Aegis of the Immortal. 


How to Beat Roshan 1v1 - Juggernaut slashes through Roshan

Juggernaut can slash creeps and heroes to bits together with his blades. His talents are suited effectively to let him struggle Roshan head-on. Juggernaut is among the many greatest carry heroes within the recreation. His skill, Blade Dance, can rip Roshan aside with an ongoing onslaught of vital assaults. 

Blade Dance can deal 180% vital harm to Roshan from his bodily assaults. He additionally good points 40% Lifesteal from Blade Dance at degree 20 from his Expertise Tree. You’ll be able to equip Mjollnir to extend the assault velocity of Juggernaut by 70 and supply 24 assault harm. Making use of Static Cost on Juggernaut whereas battling Roshan will give the Agility hero a 20% likelihood to deal 225 harm per strike to the traditional impartial. 

Juggernaut can use Therapeutic Ward to regain his well being throughout his skirmish in opposition to Roshan. Therapeutic Ward lasts for 25 seconds and supplies 5% of his most well being as regeneration. It has a 60 second cooldown in Dota 2. 

Wraith King

How to Beat Roshan 1v1 - Wraith King decimates Roshan

The Wraith King is a harmful hero within the recreation. He has a excessive potential for tanking harm from incoming assaults. The Energy hero can stand his floor whereas combating Roshan within the pit. Mortal Strike supplies a 270% vital harm on his bodily assault each 4 seconds. It may be additional decreased to 2 seconds at degree 25. 

Vampiric Spirit grants the Wraith King a 30% Lifesteal from his strikes. You can even summon as much as 8 skeletons utilizing Vampiric Spirit to help you in decimating Roshan. When you occur to be struck down by Roshan through the struggle, the final word skill of the Wraith King, Reincarnation, lets him respawn inside Roshan’s pit inside 3 seconds to complete the struggle. 

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