Instagram Video Tips and Tricks

15 Ways To Make Your Instagram Videos Interesting

We have seen many videos in the Instagram but only a few of them will stand out as a great video. Today, I am going to share with you the top 15 best tips for creating an Instagram video.

Here are the top 15 tips for making an interesting and viral video on Instagram.

Planning and Editing:

The first thing you need to do is to plan a good video. A video without a plan won’t be interesting at all. You need to take time before shooting your video and you can use editing software to create a video. After editing you will be able to choose the right images and place them in the correct way. It also helps to edit the videos as soon as possible.

Create a title:

The next thing is you need to put a proper title on your video. Use a catchy and unique title that will help the people to click on the link or to share your video. The title of your video will play an important role to make your video viral.

Add interesting and visual content:

People visit Instagram to watch videos, but if they see an empty screen than it will bore them and they will stop watching your video. So, you must add something like a funny gif or a joke in your video. People like to watch such kind of content in their videos.

Use quality photos:

Quality is the key to success. The best photos will make your video more appealing. Make sure that you are clicking the perfect image. You need to take care of the lighting and focus while clicking the photo.

Share your content:

After you finished editing your video then you need to share it with your followers. If you don’t share your content then no one will know what you are doing.

Link to your social accounts:

When you upload a video then the best way to increase its popularity is to link it to your social accounts. Let your fans connect to your channel.

Shoot in the right places:

Your video should have a clear background and a nice place to shoot it. If you are unable to shoot your video in the best location then you can use editing to change the background of your video.

Focus on the main message:

You need to add a few relevant messages to your video. In that way, people will watch the video for a longer time. If you can add a catchy tagline or a slogan to the end of the video then it will make a significant difference.

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I hope you liked this post, I tried my level best to share with you the effective tips to make your Instagram video interesting and viral. All the best!

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