Sushi Rice – How to Cook It and Store It.

Best Sushi Rice Recipe and Step by Step Guide to Make Perfect Sushi Rice at Home

Are you looking for the perfect sushi rice recipe for your party or event? It is an ideal dish for any parties as the taste and presentation of sushi rice is extremely delicious. I have prepared a simple and easy to cook recipe for sushi rice, but if you have never prepared it before then I will provide some useful tips for you to make it perfect and delicious.

Cooking the rice properly is very important if you are looking to prepare a perfect sushi rice at home. In this article, I will tell you how to cook the best sushi rice recipe with the basic ingredients, but let’s get started.


The most important ingredient for making a perfect sushi rice is sticky rice. It is the base of any sushi and without it you cannot make a single bite of sushi. So, the first step is to buy a pack of sticky rice.

Step 1: Cook the sticky rice

Once you have bought the rice and ready to use, then the next step is to cook it. It is very simple, just add water, cook it for 30 minutes and it is ready to serve. So, we have all the ingredients ready to make the perfect sushi rice.

Step 2: Prepare other essential items

Now, the next thing is to prepare the other essential items to make it look more beautiful.

You need to use the same rice and vinegar, sushi rice is only to be served with rice vinegar.

It is important to use an ordinary Japanese rice vinegar instead of a fancy one.

You can even use the normal rice vinegar but make sure to use it immediately and keep it in the refrigerator.

You can even use a bottle of kombu to give it a beautiful look.

Step 3: Add some other ingredients

To make the rice look more beautiful, add some other essential ingredients like the wasabi paste, pickled ginger and seaweed flakes.

Pickled ginger is made from the ginger that is pickled in the vinegar and it has a good smell.

Sushi rice is a great appetiser and can be served with any kind of drinks.

If you want to make this a cocktail recipe, you can even add some sparkling water.


In conclusion, it is time to take a look at the perfect sushi rice recipe. I have shared all the required information in this post to make it more delicious and easy to follow. So, make this recipe and enjoy the sushi rice for the party.

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