Why do police always touch your car?


reason for car checking

8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Police Checks

It is normal that you will come across the question like “Why do police check your car?”, but that does not mean that it is illegal. There are numerous reasons why police will check your car, and that is why it is important to know the reason.

Reason #1: Insurance

If you drive your car legally, then you must be aware of the insurance. If you are driving an unregistered vehicle, then you must be ready to pay some hefty amount to cover your legal expenses and damages. So, if you are carrying a registered car then there is no need to worry.

Reason #2: Road Tolls

If your car is registered, then you must be aware of the road tolls that you have to pay. If you have some outstanding payment on your car then you may face issues of being stopped by police.

Reason #3: Suspension

If your car is suspended, then there will be some legal procedure for the same.

Reason #4: Speed

Your car may have been involved in a road accident which was caused due to some careless behavior of the driver. You may be punished for speeding.

Reason #5: Drunk Driving

The next time when you are driving your car you must be aware that you may be facing suspension for drunk driving.

Reason #6: Drug Checking

When your car is being checked by the police it is important to keep the drugs and liquor in the car. It will make your car impounded and you will have to face hefty fines.

Reason #7: Traffic Offences

If you have committed a traffic offence then you must be ready to appear before the magistrate.

Reason #8: Vehicle Theft

Another reason to carry out a police check on your car is the fact that your car could have been stolen. If you are driving an unregistered vehicle and the registration papers have expired, then you may face some serious consequences.

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I have discussed some of the most frequent questions that you might face while dealing with the police. So, this is all about the reasons that make police checks necessary.

If you are not familiar with any of the above-mentioned reason, then you can contact us. We will be able to assist you in the best way.

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