Why Healthcare so Expensive?

Why Healthcare so Expensive?

Healthcare is the one of the basic needs of everyone, but the problem is that people are not getting treated properly. Healthcare is the most expensive thing that everyone wants but it is not possible to buy without spending a lot. If you have not taken a loan for it then you should try to avoid it because it is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do. So, here are the best 3 reasons why healthcare is so expensive.


If you are sick than you have insurance that will cover the treatment of your illness. The government also provides the coverage for the people who are unemployed and cannot work. The amount of money is paid by the person who can afford to pay the money and the government gives that money to the people with low income.

Prescription drug costs

The insurance companies also charge a big amount to the patients and the people who get their treatment from private clinics. There is no insurance for that so the company which is providing the service charges the amount which is much higher than the usual cost of the medicine. So, people have to take the medicines as prescribed by the doctors.

Cost of operations

There is another reason why healthcare is so expensive is that it costs a lot of money to perform the operation. The cost of the operation depends on several factors like the size of the operation, the kind of the operation, the hospital in which you take the treatment and the doctor’s fees.

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Now the question is how people are able to live without healthcare? The answer is that people are not able to earn much because of the high cost of treatment, and this is the main reason why people can’t earn as much as they can and people struggle to pay their bills.

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